2019 Programme

Chamber music alongside the art works of the celebrated award winning artist, Wendy Sharpe..

Event 1: Out of Chaos comes Beauty

A three dimensional concert presentation

Friday 18th October at 7.00pm

A multi media performance for sax, string quartet, baritone and visual artist with original music by Stephen O’Connell.

Stephen O’Connell – soprano saxophone
Graham Sattler – baritone
Jenny O’Hara – visual artist

Dominique Guerbois
– violin 1 | Nataliya Lubich – violin 2
Viktoria Vukovic – viola | Esmi Pepper – cello


Presenting a multi-sensory experience in which virtual and visceral connected and converge.
The pervasive image of water, from the bright droplets on the blue screen to the ebb and flow of saxophone, strings and voice, creates a stream of consciousness along whose current we are carried by the universal language of dance: truly a water of life.

Welcome drinks from 6:30pm.


Event 2: A package for Granny

A live musical puppet show for families.

Saturday 19th October at 11.00am

Granny is waiting on the arrival of a very special package.
While she waits with great expectation, she tells us stories and introduces us to some of the wonderful creatures who inhabit her world. Everything around Granny comes to life, even her tea pot and kettle.
Her special friends, Turtle and Green and Yellow, find her package which contains the best surprise,
a kiss for Granny.

This show appeals particularly to young children.

Sydney Puppet Theatre 
Bridget Bolliger – flute
Umberto Clerici – cello
Original music Jim Coyle, world premiere performance.


Highlights from “Nella and the Paradise of Birds” success in 2018.


Event 3: Vibrant & Voluptuous

 A recital for soprano and piano accordion, with Taryn Fiebig and James Crabb.

Saturday 19th October at 7.00pm

James Crabb – piano accordion
Taryn Fiebig – Soprano


Recital for two of Australia’s finest performing artists. This extraordinary combination of soprano and piano accordion features music from around the world in relation to the artworks of Wendy Sharpe.

Welcome drinks from 6:30pm.


Event 4: Up Close and Personal

A pre-concert event on stage.

Sunday 20th October, 6.15-6.45pm

SCMF Patron Guy Noble speaks with
Artist Wendy Sharpe
and musicians Bridget Bolliger, Phillip Bolliger and Kirsten Williams.


Up Close and Personal is a thirty minute chat hosted by the well known entertainer and SCMF patron Guy Noble, with artist Wendy Sharpe and guest performing artists from the festival.

Complimentary drinks are served as part of this event.


Event 5: Music from Around the World

An exquisite Trio for Flute, Violin and Classical Guitar with
Bridget Bolliger, Kirsten Williams and Phillip Bolliger.

Sunday 20th October at 7.00pm

Bridget Bolliger – flute
Kirsten Williams – violin
Phillip Bolliger – guitar


This programme includes music from Italy, Germany, Japan, France and Australia. Celebrated and totally unique artists Bridget Bolliger, Kirsten Williams and Phillip Bolliger re-unite for a musical delicacy.
This festival finale programme is not to be missed!



CLICK HERE to read more about the artists performing in our 2019 season.

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